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Once you are arrested, the first thing you need to worry about is how to get the right representation for your case. At the Law Office of Adam Tavitas, I personally handle each of my clients’ cases. I have the experience your case needs to help you avoid a conviction and obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. Once the state prosecutor receives your arrest record, they immediately begin building a case against you.

With the help of an experienced Lake and Porter County criminal defense lawyer like myself on your case, you can stand strong in protecting your future. My understanding of criminal law and the legal community in Northwest Indiana helps me guide my clients to the choices they should be making.

What Does a Defense Attorney Do? 

A criminal defense attorney serves a vital role in the legal system by providing legal representation and advocating for individuals accused of committing crimes. Here's a detailed breakdown of what a criminal defense attorney does:

  • Case Evaluation: The attorney begins by thoroughly reviewing the details of the case, including evidence, witness statements, police reports, and any available documentation. This evaluation helps them understand the strengths and weaknesses of the case.
  • Legal Research: Criminal defense attorneys conduct extensive legal research to identify relevant laws, precedents, and regulations that may apply to their client's case. This research forms the basis for building a strong defense strategy.
  • Defense Strategy: Based on their analysis and legal research, defense attorneys craft a tailored defense strategy. This strategy outlines the approach they will take to protect their client's rights and achieve the best possible legal outcome.
  • Client Consultation: Attorneys provide counsel to their clients, explaining the legal process, potential consequences, and options.
  • Negotiation: Defense attorneys engage in negotiations with the prosecution. They aim to secure favorable outcomes for their clients, including reducing charges, seeking alternative resolutions, or negotiating sentencing recommendations when possible.
  • Courtroom Advocacy: If the case goes to trial, defense attorneys serve as dedicated advocates for their clients in the courtroom. They present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and make legal arguments to defend their clients' innocence or minimize the severity of charges.
  • Post-Conviction Support: Even after a conviction, the role of a defense attorney continues. An attorney may assist with sentencing hearings, appeals, or efforts to have a conviction expunged from the client's record.
  • Protection of Rights: Throughout the legal process, defense attorneys ensure that their clients' constitutional rights are upheld. This includes safeguarding against illegal searches and seizures, ensuring the right to remain silent, and advocating for a fair trial.

In essence, a criminal defense attorney's role is multifaceted, encompassing legal expertise, strategic planning, courtroom advocacy, and support to protect their clients' rights and interests throughout the criminal justice process. 

Call today to schedule your free consultation so we can get to work on building a compelling case strategy that helps you fight your criminal charges.

Helping Clients Move Forward

Recent Case Results
  • Reduced Sentence to Supervised Release Federal Drug Charges
  • Case Dismissed Child Molestation Charges
  • Charges Dropped High Profile Murder Case
  • Not Guilty On All Charges Child Molestation Charges
  • Case Dismissed Unlawful Firearm Possession

Meet Attorney Adam Tavitas

Providing the Personalized Attention Your Case Deserves

I am a highly motivated, client-focused attorney with over one hundred (100) felony jury trials in both State and Federal Court , including 15 murder trials. I have represented clients in administrative, pre-trial and appellate proceedings before city, state, and federal court agencies and boards. I have briefed and presented oral arguments before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as briefed before the Indiana Court of Appeals.

About Attorney Adam Tavitas

Experienced, Client-Focused Representation

Being accused of a crime can turn a person’s life upside down, and the consequences of a conviction can make it hard to recover. If convicted, you could face years in prison, not to mention a criminal record that will follow you around and make it more difficult to obtain loans, housing, and employment opportunities. That is not the way your future should be. I approach each case in such a way you’re your situation’s best possible outcome is my top priority. After nearly 100 jury cases tried, I have maintained a high win rate for my clients.

Criminal defense proceedings are not only tough to plan for, but they are emotionally challenging as well. You need a competent Lake County and Porter County criminal defense lawyer who can help you feel more confident about how to approach your case. Call today and schedule your free consultation so we can begin working together toward a more hopeful future for your situation. Whether you were arrested for DUI, drug charges, or even federal crimes, I know how to help you. Don’t wait to get started on your case.

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    As a solo practitioner, I am committed to being available to my clients and offering them unrivaled personal attention.
  • Free Case Evaluations

    Your first consultation is always free and flexible payment plans are available. 

  • Nearly 100 Jury Trials Argued
    Attorney Tavitas has appeared in nearly 100 jury trials in both state and federal courts.

Real Reviews From Real Clients

    "He got the charges reduced, great communication, and cares about the case he is taking on."
    He got the charges reduced, great communication, and cares about the case he is taking on. Never had to talk to a receptionist and wait on a call back since he gave his personal work phone number (being able to text/call) and got back as soon as he was able to. Very happy we came across him, not many compassionate lawyers out here that cares like he does. Will definitely recommend and hire again if needed!
    - Heather H.
    "Definitely recommend him! His pricing is reasonable as well!"
    Adam Tavitas got my probation dismissed after a probation revocation. He even took on all my other cases of driving without a license on after I hired him! Definitely recommend him! His pricing is reasonable as well!
    - David K.
    "Choose him and you will not regret your decision!!!"
    Adam is very professional and a nice person. He really works hard to get the best outcome for your case! Thanks to him I avoided prison time.
    - Brittany M.
    "Very Impressed!"
    We recently hired Mr Tavitas to represent our son for a marijuana citation in Porter County. From our first phone call, it was clearly evident that he genuinely cared about our sons case. He was very upfront about the prospects of the case, the steps he would take and the approximate cost to us, which was very fair and reasonable. Mr Tavitas is incredibly accessible. If he misses your call, you will be getting a return call in a very short time. Being kept informed of everything going on in our case was very important to us and he delivered! Highly recommend Mr Adam Tavitas!
    - Carol D.
    "Best Lawyer Around"
    Best lawyer around, point blank.
    - Eric
    "Can't Say Enough Good Things"
    Adam has been upfront and direct with me about possible outcomes but never stopped working for the best possible outcome.
    - Dane
    "Highly recommend Adam. His prices are reasonable and he wont nickle and dime you like other attorneys. He's fair, and looks out for you as a person. Thanks Adam!"
    Adam did exactly what he said he would and helped me with my felony traffic case to get my charges reduced, helped me avoid community service, and even helped me apply for a restricted driver's license so I can still drive until my suspension is up. He answers your texts/calls, provides great advice and thoroughly explains your charges and the course of action you'll take at court. He's a great criminal defense attorney. Highly recommend Adam. His prices are reasonable and he wont nickle and dime you like other attorneys. He's fair, and looks out for you as a person. Thanks Adam!
    - William
    "A friend recommended Adam Tavitas. I could not be more happy about that recommendation."
    Needed help with a case in Porter County Indiana. Being out of state I was a bit worried about having to return for court. A friend recommended Adam Tavitas. I could not be more happy about that recommendation. Adam responded to my call immediately, explained my options and provided easy payment options. The resolution of the case was my biggest concern and that worked out very well. Adam is the complete package, Responsive, Professional and cost effective. Hopefully I never need his help again but I definitely will keep his contact information for future issues. Thanks Adam!
    - Thomas H.

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