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Arrested For a Crime?

Protecting You from the Devastating Consequences of a Conviction in Lake County & Porter County

Being arrested for a crime can be jarring. With state and county prosecutors working to paint you as a villain, it can feel very lonely to try and defend yourself. You need the help of a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to handle your case and help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. Let me help you protect your future with effective defense strategies. With over 20 years of proven criminal defense experience, I can help you build a compelling case in defense of your interests. Call today and schedule your free consultation.

Get help from an experienced Porter County criminal defense lawyer with nearly 100 jury cases tried. Dial (219) 245-2655 now or contact the Law Office of Adam Tavitas online.

What is a Defense Lawyer?

When you're going to be tried for a crime, you have two major options for legal representation:

  • A criminal defense lawyer
  • A public defender

You may remember hearing upon your arrest, as part of your rights, "If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you." This is an option you'll want to avoid if you can. This court-appointed attorney is called a public defender, and they are usually not as motivated to fight for you as a criminal defense lawyer, also known as a criminal lawyer or defense lawyer. You're also not guaranteed someone very experienced or qualified.

It may seem too costly to hire a private defense attorney at first consideration, but how much is a favorable verdict really worth? A lot more than the cost of hiring an expert. At the Law Office of Adam Tavitas, we provide consultations for free to help minimize costs.

Avoiding a Conviction

While police and other justice system officials can make your situation feel hopeless, the good news is you have legal rights and options. Police are not perfect, and with the help of a tenacious advocate like me on your side, we may be able to uncover evidence that supports your case. During your free consultation, we will go over everything we know about your situation and discuss how to proceed.

The Law Office of Adam Tavitas helps clients with issues such as:

I have handled many cases of various kinds, giving me the experience to check for evidence and other details that may have been overlooked when you were originally arrested. Just because you are in trouble does not mean your situation is hopeless. Let me help you.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Porter County, IN?

Getting arrested can be a terrifying, confusing, and stressful situation. In order to protect your rights and obtain the most favorable result in your case, you must hire a criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling criminal cases similar to yours.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Adam Tavitas after being arrested can have several benefits, including:

  • Protecting your rights: I will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process. I can advise you on what to say and do during questioning, as well as ensure that law enforcement officials do not violate your rights.

  • Knowledge of the legal system: I have a thorough understanding of the legal system and can guide you through the complex legal process. I can explain the charges against you and help you understand the potential consequences of a conviction.

  • Building a strong defense: I will work to build a strong defense on your behalf. I will investigate the case, gather evidence, and question witnesses to build a compelling case in your defense.

  • Negotiating plea deals: If a plea deal is in your best interest, I can negotiate with the prosecution to secure the best possible outcome. This may include reduced charges, a lesser sentence, or even a dismissal of charges.

  • Providing support and guidance: Being arrested and facing criminal charges can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. I can provide you with the support and guidance you need throughout the process, answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

Having tried cases in both state and federal courts, I have a detailed understanding of the legal landscape throughout Indiana. You can count on me to keep you informed of every important development that pertains to your case. My priority is making sure your rights are upheld at every possible opportunity. This commitment to your interests has earned me a reputation throughout Northwest Indiana as the advocate clients can depend on when their lives are on the line.

Call (219) 245-2655 now and schedule your free consultation with my firm.

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