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When you have a criminal conviction on the line, you need a Porter County criminal defense lawyer with the compassion to understand your situation and the aggressive fight to keep you out of prison. At the Law Office of Adam Tavitas, I have helped many clients avoid the devastating consequences of a conviction, and I can help you better understand your situation so you can move forward with confidence. Take a look at the case results below and call (219) 245-2655 now for a free consultation.

  • Probation Plea Deal
    Drug Dealing & Possession Charges
    Client charged with Dealing/ Possession of Cocaine. Attorney Tavitas negotiated plea deal and client was sentenced to 30 months probation.
  • Reduced Sentence to Supervised Release
    Federal Drug Charges
    Client pled to Conspiracy to Manufacture and Distribute 50 grams or more of Methamphetamine. Initially faced a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 5 years in federal prison. Maximum 40 years. Sentenced to 3 years supervised release with a ...
  • Charges Dropped
    High Profile Murder Case
    Drew Carter III was charged with murder, criminal confinement, and kidnapping in March in connection with the disappearance of Jessica Flores. He was a convicted felon and his bond was set at $100,000. After multiple depositions, Attorney Tavitas ...
  • Case Dismissed
    Unlawful Firearm Possession
    Unlawful Possession of Firearm By a Serious Violent Felony. 2-12 years. Case dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed
    Child Molestation Charges
    Client charged with 2 counts of Child Molesting. Faced up to 50 years in jail. Trial date was set but Attorney Tavitas got cased dismissed a week prior to the start date.
  • Client Plead Guilty to Lesser Charge
    Child Molestation Charges
    Client charged with Child Molesting, a level 4 felony. If convicted faced 2-12 years in jail and mandatory sex offender registration. Client pled to Battery where defendant over 18 and Victim less than 14 years old, 18 months probation. No registrati ...
  • Not Guilty On All Charges
    Child Molestation Charges
    Case out of Elkhart where client was charged with 5 counts of child molesting with two different alleged victims. Our client was facing 20-50 years for both victims. Attorney Tavitas took the case to trial in April of 2018 and the client was found ...